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Good News for the Arab World

Our vision is to see Christ glorified among the unreached peoples of the Arab world.  

Media is the strategic tool Arab Focus Media uses to see the Gospel transform the lives of the people living in the 10/40 window, home to some of the largest unreached people groups in the world.

Arab Nations Reached
Typical Christian satellite TV viewers
Arab population under 25 years old

In January 2013, we launched a brand new Arabic web portal (shabibah means youth in Arabic) providing an Internet and mobile platform for our text messaging and audio-visual productions.


The Arab Uprising, which began in Tunisia at the end of 2010, has changed the face of the Arab world, possibly forever. Radio is still a highly effective means of sharing God’s Word, especially in areas that are traditionally closed to the Gospel.


Our TV productions are broadcast in partnership with established television networks, such as SAT-7 and CNA, across North Africa and the Middle East as well as on our ministry website.

Video Tutorials

We work with the local church to provide practical theological training for leaders. We also make training materials, such as the Third Millennium video series, available in Arabic online via our Shabibah website.

You Can Be a Part

Partner with us to make a difference for people in Arab nations!
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