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What do a gifted artist living in North Africa,

an Olympic gold medalist who went to China

and the founder of an orphanage in Upper Egypt have in common?

They all lived out their Christian faith with a passion and commitment that left a lasting legacy for future generations.

The aim of the television series ‘Heroes and Heroines of the Faith’ is to show that change must begin with personal transformation through a dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ.

The program will take the form of ten short, vibrant documentaries which will be both informative and visually striking. The series will take the Bible as its reference point and show that applied Scripture results in responsible Christian living and offers hope for a better future. Arabic people will be challenged personally to intervene and change their society by practical Christian obedience.

The theme of each episode relates to recent dramatic changes in the Arab world that have transformed societies from Tunisia in North Africa across to Libya, Egypt and Syria. The series will include topics such as freedom and personal responsibility, managing change, forgiveness and reconciliation and the sanctity of life.

The documentaries will be filmed and edited in Modern Standard Arabic in Egypt. They are designed to be artistically appealing, combining music, image and narrative to tell a dramatic story of personal faith in action.

There will be ten international characters, some located in the Arab world and others in the Western hemisphere.

The ‘Heroes and Heroines’ series is intended for broadcast on satellite television, in close partnership with SAT-7, one of the largest Christian television broadcasters in the Middle East. The videos will also be available for viewing on our website

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