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Media is the strategic tool we use to see the Gospel transform the lives of the people living in the 10/40 window, home to some of the largest unreached people groups in the world.

In January 2013, we launched a brand new Arabic web portal (shabibah means youth in Arabic) providing an Internet and mobile platform for our text messaging and audio-visual productions. Since 60% of the population of the Arab world is under 25, our primary focus is on people aged 18-30.

The website and mobile ministry provides us with opportunities to interact directly with those who respond to us. This ministry touches people in all 21 countries of the Arabic-speaking world as well as Arabs living in other parts of the globe.


The Arab Uprising, which began in Tunisia at the end of 2010, has changed the face of the Arab world, possibly forever.

Questions of individual and national identity, the distribution of wealth and the rights of the individual have come into the public domain. In the light on these dramatic changes, we produced a ground-breaking radio series that covers current events from an historical and biblical perspective.

Radio is still a highly effective means of sharing God's Word, especially in areas that are traditionally closed to the Gospel.


Our first AFM television production, A Rainbow of Promises, comprised a vibrant series of videos exploring some well-known Bible promises in North African Arabic.

The series was filmed on location and the team comprised 22 people from many different backgrounds, including Syrian, Algerian, Tunisian, Egyptian, European and Jewish. Our most recent program is a series of documentaries about “Heroes and Heroines of the Faith”.

Our TV productions are broadcast in partnership with established television networks, such as SAT-7 and CNA, across North Africa and the Middle East as well as on our ministry website.

Theological Training

Partnering with national believers, churches and organizations is essential if we are to achieve our goal.

The good news about the Church in the Middle East and North Africa today is that, while the churches suffer oppression and persecution, they are also experiencing exponential growth. In this context, there is an urgent need for teaching and training of leaders so that the church may become mature and able to reproduce.

For this reason, where possible, we work with the local church to provide practical theological training for leaders. We also make training materials available, such as the Third Millennium video series, in Arabic online via our Shabibah website.


Thank you very much for these useful, spiritual programs you produce, which help to build us up.

Rada (name changed)Iraq

Thank you all for your love and acceptance, I was very much touched by your love, hard work, I'm very honored and blessed to work with you all.


Thank you for your reply to my phone message and thank you too for the daily Bible verses you sent me. I want to be a faithful brother to you. May the Lord bless your life and your work. I would like to serve the Lord, like you, in my country.

Hacham (name changed)Morocco

Thank you for praying with us. We are in much need of teaching from God's Word.

A Church LeaderNorth Africa